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Welcome to my Garden Tractor page. Below are a few pictures of many of my Garden and Lawn Tractors and Lawn Mowers. Watch for more pictures. This page may take a minute to load, due to the large number of graphics.
Be patient. The wait will be well worth it.


1926 Bolens on steel with PB model Briggs engine. My first antique walk behind tractor on steel.

1930 Bolens on steel with model Q Briggs engine.


Penncraft mower.



Stuff that I no longer have. Stuff that has been sold or traded.


Standard garden tractor. My second antique tractor.

Messinger Duster


1928 Gravely model "D" garden tractor.




Kinkade garden tractor.


Sears garden tractor. My biggest walk behind, also have factory sulky.


Planet Jr. with Toro engine.


Planet Jr. with Toro engine.


Gardeneer garden tractor.


Spry Wheel garden tractor.


Rotoette garden tractor.


Choremasters garden tractor.


Cunningham model CA garden tractor.


1926 Bolens garden tractor. on steel with PB model Briggs engine.


David Bradley garden tractor.

 David Bradley sprayer.


Frazer garden tractor.


not sure what this is, any ideas?


Spiegel garden tractor.


Planet Jr. garden tractor.


L-156 Wheel Horse w/ Tecumseh H60-753354.


GE E-12.


Jacobsen mower.


Moto mower rider model C.


Toro professional mower.


Early lawn boy mower model number 8SH14LB w/ iron horse engine.


lawn boy mower


Snappin Turtle mower w/Clinton engine.


Johnston Reel Type Mower, serial number 1318-23927, 2-cycle engine.


Monarch Reel Type Power Mower, no number, Pioneer engine, model A, Type SS 3752, Serial number 2-7002.


No name Reel Type Mower, Lauson engine, type LMC-165, number 8-95086.


GV. Corp Reel Type Mower, number 6753, Briggs engine, model WI, type 301411, serial 482962.


Toro mower.


Mall chain saw.


1948 F-5 Ford Truck. Has Flat head V-8 engine.


1930 Ford AA truck.





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